Digimation MaxSculpt v.1.0 для 3dsmax 4 - 9(32bit)

The principle of the operation of this additional module resembles technology Artisan, realized in the three-dimensional editor Alias Maya. This technology makes it possible to work with the three-dimensional model in the manner that sculptor works with the clay. MaxSculpt is the additional modifier, which can be applied to any body, be it Editable Mesh, Editable Poly or standard primitive. To apply modifier to the objects is possible in three regimes: Add (addition), Sub (partition) and Move (displacement). In regime Add the material seemingly is deposited to the surface of model, with the selection of version Sub - it is pressed into the surface, while in regime Move the selected section of surface is moved. It is necessary to note that this plagin is unimportant for 3ds max 7, since in this version of program is a tool Paint Deformation. It, as MaxSculpt, makes it possible to deform the three-dimensional shell of object in the manner that if it was modelling clay. Paint Deforma-tion Allows at the disposal of user the collection of the brushes, with the aid of which it is possible to press and to displace the position of the apexes of the grid of object.

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